Summer Partnership Program Artist Workbook

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Master Schedule of Deadlines (dates subject to change)

Deadlines Keyed to Your Event: by Performance Date

JUNE  July  August September October
10 6 11 1 5
23 13-14   8-9 6
30 18-21   15 7
      16 21

Box Office

selling your tickets

learn more about box office hours & policies

you have the option to sell tickets on consignment
Consignment Guidelines

Consignment Agreement Form

Consignment Training PowerPoint

How to Change your Password

how to promote
group sales & membership discounts

learn more about
secondary (discount) ticketing options

goldstar press kit

learn more about papering the house

week of show

complete your Venue access & comp list template 48 hours prior to your rehearsal/event date

 Venue Access & Comp List Instructions

buy any additional parking passes you need

post show

request your patron data

Event Logistics

Planning for your show

Front of House Policies

Receptions and Catering Information (To Come)

Catering Menu

Week of show

Artist Parking Map

Day of Show Guidelines


Marketing & Public Relations

before tickets go on sale
November 2017 - February 2018

1. submit photos of your show
promotional photograph guidelines

Promotional Photo release form

2. complete event brief
2018 Event Brief: PDF or Word

3. attend marketing, b.o. & event services workshop on february 10
workshop agenda

website listings

recommended publicists

event presentations:
Event Services Presentation

marketing presentation

Sponsorship Presentation

Ticketing Presentation

Venue Access & Comp List Presentation

prior to season opening
March - May 2018

1. create Show Ads, Flyers, Postcards and/or posters and Submit drafts for approval
Guidelines for promotional Materials

Postcard Guidelines

Postcard Template (PDF)

Postcard mailing instructions

mailing house order form

mailing list spreadsheet example

ticket buyers breakdown by discipline

2. send draft of press release for approval
public relations & press comp policy

Media Alert/Press Release required info (Ticket prices, venue info, Ford Boilerplate)

3. Photo & Video Information
Photo & Video Policy

Still Photographer Guidelines (Day of)

Video/TV Crew Guidelines (Day Of)

June - october 2018

1. submit draft of program insert for approval
basic guidelines & specs

Program Credit for L.A. County

2. submit electronic sign designs for approval
electronic sign info & guidelines

3. submit press comp & parking list; ticket giveaway winners to b.o.  
guidelines for giveaways

marketing resources:
branding, sponsorships & advertising

marketing plan template 

branding guidelines
ford logo
ford branding strip (TIF)

Fundraising strategies for small Non-Profits

primer on sponsorship
sponsor benefits
ford audience demographics

sponsorship deck samples:
flypoet, jazzmopolitan, outfest

Discover Hollywood Ad Rates
LA times culture monster ad rates

season graphics
Season Brochure (PDF)
Season Brochure (ISSUU)

1500 x 500 banner
851 x 360 Banner
600 x 300 Banner



technical rider 

stage plot

microphone input list

technical schedule

For more technical and inventory information here.