Olga Pericet Company - La Espina

Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 8:00pm
Olga Pericet
Olga Pericet Company
Olga Pericet
Olga Pericet
Olga Pericet
Olga Pericet Company

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$70, $50, $35



Presented with the Fountain Theatre

The Thorn that Dreamed of Being a Flower or the Flower that Dreamed of Being a Dancer

"Olga Pericet in a powerhouse performance..." - The New York Times

"Expect to be surprised; besides being a fiery and technically accomplished performer, Pericet is a mercurial presence and a fearless experimenter." - The New Yorker

Versatile artist and magnetic dancer Olga Pericet is one of the top names in Spanish flamenco. As an award-winning dancer (National Dance Prize 2018, Spain), Pericet’s polished technique and serene but serious presence captivates the audience from the very first moment she appears on the stage. Her work blends a respect for tradition with a contemporary vision. For La Espina, Pericet embarks on a personal journey through dance, creating a world in which feminine and masculine, humor and drama appear in equal parts, and where the dark discovers the light.

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This event is part of IGNITE @ the FORD!, a series comprised of world-renowned contemporary artists whose work is thought-provoking and reflects the world in which we live. Proceeds benefit the Ford Theatre Foundation.