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Favorite Things

Another season has come and gone, yet here we are still dreaming about those summer nights at the Ford. From TAIKOPROJECT’s awe-inspiring Japanese taiko drumming to a sold-out two-day Día de los Muertos concert with Lila Downs, there are so many shows worth reminiscing about. So, we asked our staff to share their faves with us (and you).

We Are KING’s Spellbinding Blend of Synthesizer Soul


For the past several years, We Are KING have been building a fan base with their loving homage to rich vocal harmony, vintage keyboards, synthesizers and rhythm machines via inspired original material and choice covers. The Minneapolis-born ladies are performing at the Ford Theatres on Saturday, October 12, with a show that blends their love of synthesizers with live strings. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that the sisters are proud to have happen at the Ford due to their deep abiding affection for the venue.

Chiles for the Altar

Lila Downs

It’s early Tuesday morning, and Lila Downs is in her kitchen in Oaxaca with bandmates. She’s making ginger tea with honey and a friend is cutting up tasajo for a soup. They cook together a lot, to the background rhythms and bright horns of music. Downs is preparing for a three-month tour that spans both sides of the border.

A Night for Lovers

Boleros de Noche

Imagine…the night sky above, your favorite person by your side, and the dreamy sounds of bolero music - Latin America’s most romantic musical style that originated out of Cuba. Sounds like the perfect date night, right?


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