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Welcome Back to the Ford Theatres for our 2017 Summer Season!

July 13, 2017 | Announcements
You might notice that the Ford Theatres looks a little different. A vision that began in 2008 has finally been completed. So, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to enjoy all that the renewed Ford Theatres has to offer!
Amos Gitai

Amos Gitai: Sparking Powerful Compassion in the Face of Extremism

June 29, 2017 | Behind the Scenes
Israeli architect-turned-filmmaker Amos Gitai knows a thing or two about art’s potential to spark powerful compassion in the face of extremism. His 1980 documentary Bayit (The House), about Israelis and Palestinians that occupied the same Jerusalem house at different times, was censored. Two years later, his film Field Diary, which showed images of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, resulted in a temporary exile.
Culture Clash

Chicano 4th of July on July 16

June 21, 2017 | Behind the Scenes
“La locura, cura,” Ric Salinas tells me. The craziness cures. So when the Ford asked Culture Clash, Salinas’ comedy trio, if they’d be interested in making a Chicano 4th of July show, they jumped at the chance.
Savion Glover

Savion Glover’s Tap Telegraphs the Struggles, the Hope and the Triumphs of Modern Life

June 12, 2017 | Behind the Scenes
In his inimitable and electrifying way, Savion Glover’s role in helping the art of tap dance continue to thrive for future generations cannot be understated. 

The Place to be this Summer

May 10, 2017 | Announcements
You may have been wondering, “What’s up with the Ford?” It’s true: we usually put tickets on sale in April.

It's Spring Again

April 27, 2017
Don’t you love it when the weather changes? The days get longer, the sleeves get shorter and as we shake off the last vestiges of winter, wanderlust takes over. If you’re like us, you can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.
Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve super bloom

Super Blooms and Budget Cuts

March 23, 2017
These are certainly strange times we are living in. 2017 has so far left us all feeling like we’ve been on the tilt-a-whirl a bit too long after having eaten one too many funnel cakes. As the future of our nation plays out on Twitter and in courtroom dramas and congressional hearings, we thought it was time to take a moment to acknowledge the importance of the arts. And, not just the arts, but the humanities, public television and radio, libraries, and parks too. 
Shine a Light

Shine a Light

February 09, 2017
With all of the rain and political turmoil of late, it’s hard to grasp that spring is just around the corner.  We get it. And so, we thought we’d interrupt the stream of hard news hitting your inbox with something pleasant. We invite you to take a moment this month to revisit some of your favorite Ford performances from last summer.