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A Ford Theatres Pop Up Production featuring The Filharmonic

Making Meaningful Connections

July 13, 2016 | Announcements
One of our favorite things about live music is its ability to draw audiences together through shared experience. Over the weekend, we witnessed this in full force. The artists that opened the Ford’s summer season – TAIKOPROJECT, Quetzal, Aloe Blacc and guests – did what artists do best.
Aloe Blacc

Freshest Sounds of LA

July 07, 2016 | Behind the Scenes
“There is a community of artists and musicians creating new work that is evoking a genuine reflection of what Los Angeles is. That’s where we were going with Concrete Saplings.” – Bryan Yamami, TAIKOPROJECT


June 29, 2016 | Behind the Scenes
Their upcoming show – which opens the Ford’s 2016 Summer Season – has the mark of a true collaboration: a drummer starts a beat, or a guitarist lays down a riff, and together the groups write a song. This process was common for Quetzal, as a rock group, but something new for TAIKOPROJECT.
Versa-Style Dance Company at Grand Central Market

The Ford Invades DTLA!

June 16, 2016 | Behind the Scenes
If you were tooling around Downtown LA last Friday, you might have seen a few of us. With our space in the final stages of construction, we needed a place to play. So we packed up our artists (well, three of the groups in our summer season anyway) and headed on over. Our new friends at The Broad Museum, Grand Central Market and Angel City Brewery welcomed us with open arms.

The Cinderella Among Open-Air Theatres

May 20, 2016 | History
This isn’t the first time the Ford’s amphitheatre stage has undergone a major transformation… In 1938, four years after his production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Hollywood Bowl, film director Max Reinhardt chose the Ford as the venue for his staging of Goethe’s Faust.

Tom Ford Explores the Ford

May 05, 2016 | Behind the Scenes
Tom’s thirst for knowledge about Los Angeles history led him on an interesting journey to the cross and beyond, discovering the Ford Theatres along the way.
Ford Theatre LA's Freshest Stage

We're Back, LA!

April 20, 2016 | Announcements
If you’ve driven down the 101 on your way to the Valley, you’ve most likely seen our giant crane jutting up above the ridgeline. That’s us, hard at work on renovations. We’re still at it, but the good news is that we’re in the home stretch. Come July 8, you will get to experience the Ford as never before.

Making History at the Ford

March 24, 2016 | History
Rumor has it that in 1912, John Barrymore was frolicking in the Cahuenga Pass reciting soliloquies from Hamlet when he declared, “What wonderful acoustics – there should be a theatre here!” Less than a decade later, the Pilgrimage Play Theatre (now the Ford) was built on that very spot.