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Jerome Bel's Gala

Jérôme Bel's Gala

January 16, 2019
“Gala forces audience expectations to the fore and blurs the lines between failure and success in performance as it suggests that theater is community, both onstage and off. It’s a tour de force, wildly entertaining and truly radical.” —The New York Times  

What do JAMs mean to you?

December 13, 2018
We believe the arts have the power to build a more empathetic world by bringing people together and broadening cultural understanding. One way to see this in action is to attend a JAM Session, our free Monday night events where we invite you up on stage to dance the night away or be part of a drum circle, under the guidance of professional artists.
Ford Theatres audience members

Thank you!

October 29, 2018
Yet another season has come to a close and we have so much to be grateful for. Each of you, our friends, made this season fun-filled and memorable. All season long, you connected over shared experiences. Perhaps you dined on The Zev with your boo. Or, you laughed with friends while trying to move your body in a new way at a JAM Session. Whatever your experiences were, we hope they made you feel like this was your place to be.
Heidi Duckler Dance

A Part of the Ford You’ve Never Seen Comes Alive with Dance

October 17, 2018 | Behind the Scenes
Heidi Duckler Dance is known for staging dance in unusual places and their show at the Ford is no exception. “In my first conversation with the Ford, they said, ‘I assume you’re not interested in the stage,’” choreographer Heidi Duckler laughs as she tells me. The space she settled on? The loading dock. “We had to carve out time for rehearsals because the space is in constant use!” Duckler says. 
KCRW and Fusicology present Louie Vega

Dance Music Master Louie Vega Electrifies the Ford with an Explosion of Global Groove

October 15, 2018 | Behind the Scenes
Brick by brick, Bronx-born Louie Vega has built up an epic reputation as a global master of the music that makes people groove. As a club DJ, track producer, record remixer, radio personality, recording artist and house music legend, Vega has spent the last four decades with his ear to the ground and his hands on the pulse of the very best in dance music. 
Chris Wells, The Secret City

The Secret City at the Ford

October 09, 2018 | Announcements
Many years ago, Chris Wells started The Secret City as a way to create a re-energizing ritual for worn-out artists, a place to find joy, inspiration and communion with one another. Wells is an award-winning writer, actor and community leader and on October 14, he'll be using the natural beauty of the Ford as the space for the next Secret City in LA. 
Serenata Filipina at the Ford

Serenata Filipina Ver 2.0

September 26, 2018
Serenata Filipina is back (version one took place in 2014) with an evening so jam-packed with performers that I spend most of my interview with organizer and singer Annie Nepomuceno just getting them all straight.

Soldier Songs: Perception vs. Reality on the Front Lines

September 19, 2018
If your only exposure to the ravages of war is through a small screen from the relative comfort of your couch, you don’t know what war is or how its aftermath affects the men and women on the front lines. Those who have experienced it first hand, however, are profoundly affected in ways most of us will never fully comprehend. In Soldier Songs, a groundbreaking multimedia concert from award-winning composer David T. Little and filmmaker Bill Morrison, elements of theatre, opera, rock, and film are combined to contrast the perceptions and realities of war from the soldier's perspective.