Cultural Equity and Inclusion Statement, Policy and Plan


At its core, the Ford Theatres is committed to advancing cultural equity and inclusion on its campus, in its programming and in the regional arts ecosystem. This commitment comes from a central value of the organization: the belief that it is an inherent right of all human beings to have broad access to meaningful, engaging and joyful arts experiences.

As an institution operated through a public-private partnership between the County of Los Angeles and Ford Theatre Foundation, the Ford strives to serve as the home for LA County’s multitude of cultures, communities, and identities. We define culture in inclusive terms to consider race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability status, religion, class, and indigenous heritage. These values deeply informed the formulation of the Ford Theatres’ Vision, Mission, and Values and guide us as we critically examine the ways that equity is fostered or hindered in our practices, processes, and organizational culture.

To read and download the full Ford Theatres Cultural Equity and Inclusion Statement, Policy and Plan, please click here.