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2016 Summer Partnership Program

This page is intended for performing arts organizations interested in performing in the 2016 summer season at the Ford Theatres (the 2015 summer season is pre-empted for renovation).

Applications open: June 2015
Applications due: August 2015

More information about the 2016 Ford Theatres Summer Partnership Program and application guidelines will be posted in 2015. Stay tuned.

General Information

The Ford Theatres Partnership Program, running from June through October, supports Los Angeles County resident arts organizations by assisting them to successfully present performances in its 1,200-seat amphitheatre.  It seeks to develop new audiences for the partner arts organizations, John Anson Ford Theatres and the larger Los Angeles County performing arts community.  The Arts Commission provides significant presentation support to participating arts organizations which, in turn, provide the residents of Los Angeles County with a rich cultural sampling of performing arts of the region.

Under the Ford Theatres Summer Partnership Program, the Arts Commission is interested in receiving proposals for:

• Performing Arts Performances: These are typically two-hour (or longer) evening events that are geared for adults or families with older children. Work may be in any performing arts discipline.

• Film Events: As the Ford is equipped with 35mm projectors and a full size movie screen, proposals for film screening events are also sought and will receive full consideration.

Similar to a grant program, proposals for the Ford’s Summer Partnership program are considered on a competitive basis. Those projects accepted receive significant presentation support and assistance toward realization of the proposed project.

Application Workshops

Ford Theatres will host two workshops to review the application process, discuss eligibility and requirements of applying arts organizations and answer questions about the partnership program and producing at the Ford. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend. The dates and location for these workshops will be announced in 2015.

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